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Enviromental Policy

At Clockhouse we fully understand that the transport industry, our industry, has the potential to contribute enormously to an overall reduction in carbon and pollutant emissions throughout the world.


As a company we accept that there is both a social and moral responsibility to conduct our business in a manner that is environmentally friendly. Whilst we already comply with all the current legislation and regulations we strongly feel that every industry has a duty to go a little further than just basic compliance.


Our team at Clockhouse are conscious that there attitude and the approach shown to these important matters set an example to everyone throughout the whole company. To support these issues we regularly look to identify areas where we can improve our environmental performance.


At Clockhouse our management team continue to monitor progress by way of environmental audit against the programmes that we instigate. This effort will enable us to ensure that the company achieve the targets we at Clockhouse set ourselves.


Clockhouse management team consistently take all viable steps to prevent possible excessive pollution and we recognise that this is an ongoing matter that requires regular policy reviews.


Clockhouse have available for our clients on request an environmental policy document that outlines all our criteria